Hi, Cool that you admin this blog, but maybe you should do a little more research. That picture you have on your blog of Mark Tuitert is in fact Ireen Wüst. Ireen=girl, Mark=boy, Maybe you can change the tag or picture. He totally deserves a post on your blog just because he only won a gold medal on the most important speedskating distance, 1500 m (plus he is gorgeous!) And Ireen too! She also won gold on the 1500 m!!!
by girl-from-the-orange-country

Ah, thank you so much for pointing out that mistake! I’m honestly not familiar with either of them. I found it from a google search of Mark Tuitert and actually thought ‘is this him, he looks very feminine, but okay…’ So yes, the tag will be changed accordingly. :)

(This is also totally an invitation to point out any other fail on my part because I don’t know 60% of the athletes I post very well lol.)

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